Medical Pouches


DnR LLC offers pouches for the medical industry and products for humanitarian groups.
Features and Benefits:


  • Medical pouches for the packing and supply of oils in VialPaQs
  • Pouches are supplied with a childproof zipper and NFC Tagz™ for track and trace
  • Oils are supplied in VialPaQs that are childproof and contain a measured amount
  • HotPaQ™ pouches for heating of liquids and foods where no electricity is available
  • SECURE™ no greening product for eradication of bacteria in citrus trees
  • SECURE™ no mite product for protection of beehives



Nutracis™ hulled hemp seeds:

Why…..When…………What benefits.

  1. Reduce sugar cravings eat the seeds or a hemp cookie
  2. Relieve symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome in woman
  3. Decrease stress and anxiety as the day progresses
  4. Boost energy levels especially after lunch
  5. Reduces arthritis and joint pain in the evening and early morning
  6. Suppress appetite desires during the day


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  • Penta5 USA has some new products launching soon that are all targeted at the natural wellness/medical market segment.

    New products coming soon!!

    ANYTIME® Hemp Oil based Hair Shampoo and Conditioner
    ANYTIME® Avocado and Hemp Oil Hair Conditioner
    Nutracis™ Hempseed Cookies
    Paris Hemp based CBD brand line


SECURE™ no mite beehive protection 3.5 oz StandUp Pouch

SECURE™ no greening control 3.5 oz StandUp Pouch

HotPaQ™ Pouch